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Note on the Brain Drain: The scourge we call the "brain drain" acquires a good flip side when we allow the “brain lease” perspective to operate. "Brain on lease" is when these professionals are  allowed back into the system in Africa – bringing from the Diaspora a lot of good assets and skills; perhaps more so than they took out when they left....

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Current Affairs
  The Political and Economic Outlook in Ghana  - from CSIS on Vimeo
  Economic repercussions of the overthrow of Kwame Nkrumah

Big Men, on the oil find in Ghana -  The politics of oil and wealth in a Third World country

Archbishop Desmond Tutu warns South Africa's ruling party ANC
Nkrumah, Freedom Now - The Founder of modern Ghana
Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah - Midnight at the Old Polo grounds, with the Founder of modern Ghana.
The Asantehene - Otumfuor Osei Tutu

Mandela - Video Message by Dr. Maya Angelou in Memory of Nelson Mandela

MALCOLM X: "You're A Political Chump!" - Speaking about the black vote
The 2001 Nobel Peace Prize Award Ceremony for Kofi Annan
  Examining black loyalty to democrats - Black politics and history in the US
  Louisiana Senator Elbert Guillory dumps the Democrat Party
  Get Government out of Welfare Now! An Interview with Star Parker
  Ghanaian Inventor
  Jazz in Ghana, featuring Kpakpo Addo
Colonial Films

Mr. Mensah builds a house - From colonial times

Opening of the African Conference in London in September 1948 and the visits made by the delegates during their stay.

Food from the Empire - Film showing the food contributions supplied to Britain by various colonies and dominions.

West Africa Calling - The industrial development of West Africa (probably Gold Coast and Nigeria) under British rule.

Official Tour on H. R. Prince of Wales to the Gold Coast - Africa in 1925, charting the Prince's journey from Kumasi to Accra, before showing highlights from his stay in Accra.

West Africa Was There - Film account of the part played by the 81st and 82nd (West African) Divisions in the third Arakan campaign, 1944-1945.

The Gold Coast Police Band in UK, 1947 - After arriving in London, erby air from Accra, on 7 May 1947, the Gold Coast Police Band embarked on a four-month tour of the UK (The Times, 5 May 1947, 7). The band, which had originally formed in 1918 before transferring to the Police depot under its first European bandleader in 1923, was led by its current British bandleader, Thomas Stenning

The Boy Kumasenu - Filmed at Accra, at Kedze and in Keta over a period of a year from October 1950 until September 1951, The Boy Kumasenu was the first feature film made by the Gold Coast Film Unit and brought together a non-professional all-African cast.

Travels in Ghana and Togoland 1950s - The Afram Plains (Volta Lake) N. Territories & Togoland: journeys across country to Agricultural shows, showing life in various cities, towns and villages on the plains, in the bush and on the coast. Shots include European family life in Ghana, local farming methods, crafts and fishing. Also the setting up and running of cocoa plantations and European farms.







Tony Blair: The clear lesson of Iraq war

CNN, Noe 15, Ghanadot - The real choice for the Middle East was, and is, reform or revolution. So when we come to reassess Iraq, it is possible to disagree strongly with the decision to remove Saddam Hussein in 2003, to be highly critical both of the intelligence on WMD and the planning for the aftermath, and yet still be glad that he is gone..........More


WHO warns against diabetes epidemic

TheHindu, Nov 15, Ghanadot - Diabetes makes people prone to heart disease, kidney failure and infectious diseases like tuberculosis, malaria, and HIV/AIDS, among others, leading to premature death........More



Video, Nov 15, Ghanadot - Martin Amidu contends that Anas' company, Tiger Eye, PI, is not registered to do undercover investigative acts, that he is withholding from exhibition damning investigative work done on Parliament and that Anas was commissioned by government to do these jobs so as to divert attention from worse corruptive acts by others.......More


Quality assurance framework for higher education in Ghana developed

GBN, Dec 24, Ghanadot - It is aimed at reducing ambiguity, creating stakeholder confidence and efficiency of performance and supporting HEIs to deliver quality educational services in in the country...........More

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