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March 11, 2016

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February 7, 2012


Is There an Italian Woyome?

There is little doubt that Woyome represents the most audacious, brazen, blatant and gargantuan fraud perpetrated against the people of this Republic by its public officers.

Woyome represents a criminal enterprise, hatched at the Castle to siphon millions of dollars to a P/NDC financier for subsequent funding of party activities. This explains why Woyome funded the cost to transport over 1,500 footsoldiers to South Africa in 2010. It also explains why Woyome funded the 6-hour live broadcast of the President, surrounded by Woyome and Kaba Mould, picking up his forms from the P/NDC headquarters.

But what most people are missing is another fraudulent payment of €25,000,000.00 to another P/NDC financier, Tarraconi (aka Traasaco or Waterville).

This fraudulent payment is captured in EOCO's report as follows:

"Waterville, taking advantage of the dispute settlement clause of its contract with the government went for mediation and was eventually awarded an amount of €25,000,000.00 to cover its outstanding amount and accumulated interest, among others. This amount was subsequently paid in 2010."

What Chairman Akpadzi, the P/NDC cum CVC Chairman of EOCO, failed to capture in his shoddy report is that Tarraconi had been fully paid for any and all services he provided on the said contracts, with said payments evidenced by letters from Kwame Tetteh, Tarraconi's own lawyer, the Ministry of Finance, the Accountant General's Department and the Castle.

How Chairman Akpadzi missed this glaring evidence is explained by how he missed the equally glaring evidence that Woyome had made several gargantuan payments to or on behalf of President Agya Atta.

Tarraconi should be picked up and made to account for his €25,000,000 fraud.


Kwaku Azar


February 6, 2012


Shame to the chairman of EOCO


The Chairman of EOCO, like the Auditor General, is the most recent civil servant to bring shame to his name and office.

A casual reading of the EOCO report reveals too many missed clues and an investigating agency trying too hard to whitewash politicians while properly hanging their bureaucratic coconspirators.

Take the case of the so called GHS400,000 paid to Mrs. Neequaye. This is circumstantial evidence that the State Attorney was being paid for services rendered to Woyome.

But around the same time and from the same account was another payment of over GHS2.5million to the Castle, apparently to be used to transport P/NDC footsoldiers to South Africa. Why did EOCO not highlight this payment?

Similarly, from the same account, which incidentally is kept in the bank owned by the Minister of Finance, an even bigger payment was made to GBC to live broadcast the President's 6 hour drive around Accra to pick up his nomination forms from the P/NDC headquarters. Why did EOCO show no interest in this payment?

Chairman Akpadzi, former CVC member and P/NDC Chief Legal Advisor in charge of Volta region during the 2008 elections, has brought the office of EOCO into disrepute.

How many of our institutions will be corrupted in this WoyomeGate?




December 15, 2011

Where is the president?

0n November 14, 2011 President Atta Mills left Accra for USA and Canada on an alleged two-week official visit. The President notified the Speaker that he would also take a two-week vacation in the U.S, upon the completion of his official assignments.

As required by law, the President indicated to the Speaker that he would return on December 12, 2011 and the Veep will act as President in his absence.

Today is December 15, 2011. That means for the last 3 days, the President has been out of the country without proper notification of the Speaker.

The President's handlers are tight lipped on where the President is; what he is doing; when we should expect him home; and whether he is aware of the big problems facing the country.

Kwaku Azar


December 9, 2011


Ghana is the most difficult place to be a young person, said Patrick Kobina Arthur, Ph.D

I feel compelled to respond to the JoyOnLine article if for nothing at all the respect for his stated educational achievement (PhD) and his obvious youth. No offence intended, because I am open to correction if he is not young.


Otherwise, how else could he have written so bitterly about the old?

Again, I stand to be corrected. But I don’t know the process by which this young man got so aggrieved, though I doubt if he grew up in a healthy family environment.

“Ghana’s culture falsely equates old age to maturity and this is insisted upon at every forum and situation.” He states. I don’t know what aspect of Ghanaian culture Dr. Arthur is reading from. I am yet to see a culture in Ghana that assumes this belief for the village fool, a drunk or any person of public nuisance.

The culture assumes maturity for old people because of the likelihood of long term exposure to the vicissitudes of life. On the average, the old of 50 will have more wisdom in storage than the young of 25 because of a myriad of life’s experiences; all things being equal in health, education and social standing. So what exactly is Dr. Arthur referring to?

He says “If you are younger and dared to be confident in your vision and abilities, you are quickly and recklessly regarded as disrespectful and insolent.”


On the contrary, we have had young rulers and administrators. Just check the administrations of Nkrumah, Rawlings, Kufuor and Mills.

Even the leaders of our political activism are the youth. Check our college campuses and the NGO’s you will see vibrant youth leadership.  These are the youth that want to achieve, not the undisciplined "loser" class!

Sadly, people retire in Ghana at the age of 60. There are people working in other cultures past the age of 65 years. (Heard of the US, Japan, China, etc?) Those cultures must really have no respect for their youth by this tendency of lenghty retirement age. However, these same cultures are years ahead of Ghana in advancement.

Obviously, the assertion  by Dr. Arthur that “If the old folks believe that they have all the wisdom in the world and prefer to be in complete control of affairs, is it then not accurate for me to state that they are fully in charge of the poverty generation and disease embattled society that exist in Ghana” cannot be true.

Has the good doctor ever heard of the 1979 Rawlings’ revolution and its aftermath of indiscipline?

Nor is the following true: “The old bury their achievements and watch the young and new struggle to begin from scratch and they sit with their old wisdom wondering why poverty exists. Having their hands on all the wealth of this poor country but unwilling to spend on education, research and development.”


The problem with Dr. Arthur is his failure to recognize the reversal of the discipline that allowed the old to achieve success - the hard nose attitude for work that many acquired from the generation before them.  Also missing from his calculus, are the aversion for discipline which only the mature can enforce.

Still, because of his articlew, I have to wonder whether there are any youth left in Ghana at all. The expression “youth” implies vigor and unbridled enthusiasm in my younger days as I write this as a mature citizen. If the youth of Ghana have so far failed to participate in directing the affairs of their country, then we have to ask:  what good use have the youth of today put their boundless enthusiasm to?



November 12, 2012

Delusional Rawlings


For someone, whose reputation was brutalized by his own followers in the NDC primaries this year to make this claim of greatness above all our presidents tells us how delusional Rawlings can get.  But let’s re-arrange the matrix to make it real. 


There is no need to compare Rawlings with Nkrumah.  The fact that this political dwarf occupied the same presidency as the giant Nkrumah is enough to shame our republic.  And only contemporariness, should allow us to compare Rawlings with Kufuor.  Still, in governance, statesmanship, and public mannerism, Kufuor beats Rawlings hands down.


The “indemnity clause” inserted into the 1992 constitution, at Rawlings’ influence, also speaks volumes against any claim by him for being the best leader ever.  If his claim to greatness were true, there would have been no need for this clause in the constitution to cover up the prior misdeeds of his administration.


But before this clause is repealed, let’s consider Rawlings among the infamous rank of soldiers who seized power in Ghana. 


His own coup prior to the so called revolution of 1979 failed miserably.  It must be recalled he was in jail at the time.  Had it not been for the effort of a band of misguided soldiers who sprang him from jail he would have been history by now.


Similarly, even Lt. Arthur was more successful and spectacular in the execution of his motive. Arthur, as a soldier, achieved power on his own, but was to fail in the counter coup that followed.  His was not a helpless case of being removed from the jaws of defeat. 


In comparison, Arthur was more a refreshing example of the quixotic soldier.


In the realms of the soldier as a thinker, Rawlings fails miserably when compared with another mediocre soldier, General Akyeampong, whom he executed in 1979.  General Akyeampong, though not a known intellectual, left a humble but powerful concept for Ghana: “Operation Feed Yourself.” 


Rawlings’ intellectual contribution to progress in Ghana is his philosophy to power:  “we no go sit make them cheat we.”  This crude attempt at class warfare has led to the indiscipline that haunts our society today.


Rawlings may not see his failings.  Like Kadaffi, he thinks he is God sent.  But we as his fellow citizens see him and his rule as the most unfortunate aspects of our history. 




UK and Africa's Homosexuals
November 5, 2011

You heard it.  Of all the problems that beset Africa, the most important issue for Britain seems to be that affecting gays in Africa.

The arrogance is palpable.  Africa must accept gays because Britons deem the act as proper and not to do so is against human rights. 

Based on the distinct culture of the British that allows homosexualism, a weird practice that has no propagation value whatsoever for nature, the African culture that rejects this practice, is inhuman.

Well, agreed.  Until Africa becomes hypocritical enough to accept homosexualism as a cherished act, like the British do, they, the Brits, can allow all African homosexuals free pass for stay in UK as refuges.  Not only will this generous, supposedly considerate human act by the British, bring abruptly to an end the inhuman response to homosexualism in Africa, but it will also free  rich British homosexuals from embarking on cheap homosexual tourism trips to poor countries in Africa!


My Well meaning Brothers and Sisters! (to borrow an Atta-ism)

Welcome to Ghana! (I dare not say it in Akan lest the Ga-mashi forces invade my home and attack me! lmao!)

We Ghanaians who have lived majority of our lives abroad are sadly but honestly naive and delusional.

The vast and overwhelming majority of EDUCATED and well to do Ghanaians who "stayed" behind from 1979-2000 do not want any help or input from us.

They may need it, but would rather go without than accept it openly or publicly acknowledge that they need assistance from us;

Sadly, they feel so insecure and threatened that we would "take over" and overshadow them or their hard fought for positions in society. They want our money, our ideas, our work product and our intellectual property for FREE but to simply ask for it and acknowledge receipt for it .. (tweaaaaa! as Wofa Danso says, "wo boaa!, Oo Maale!" you've got to be kidding!) 

As our friend Sam Twerefuor once told me, its about women! plain and simple! l shall let him explain it to you himself. It is very sad and primitive but its as true as sunlight! 

Until we start loving ourselves as a people, starting at an individual level, then community level across ethnicity and socio-economic classes and then Nationally we are NEVER yes read it again! NEVER going to make the kinds of strides that we know we are capable of achieving! 

We have to become inclusive in our politics, in our daily lives and in our development (local, regional and National). 

Our biggest assets (human capital) are stranded abroad creating jobs, paying taxes and developing other Nations and remitting billions of $$ yearly to a Nation that has sadly become a Nation of corrupt, selfish, morally bankrupt, intellectually lazy, hypocritical ingrates! 

When you say this people attack you because they "Cant handle the truth" ! 


This is not to say that each and every one of the 24million Ghanaians are this way! Hell No ! there are more than a few who would make even the best of us look like laggards! 


They go about their business and professional lives quietly without fanfare or ceremony. 


They endure the very same unnecessary frustrations and challenges that we who have recently (almost 3 years for me) have returned;

They don't talk about it, they just get on with life impressively. 

The worst for me are those with political access or power, who have had some global exposure to new ideas, approaches and techniques but not real immersive exposure so they do not fully appreciate the concepts nor do they have the expertise to implement such ideas and concepts. 

One would expect them to know better and be more supportive, open to new ideas and act more transparently. 

They sadly are the most defensive, dishonest and despicable of the lot!. 

"He who knows not but knows not that he knows not is a Fool!"

Onnsuro Nipa

Write to us:

On Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr's Monument


Just like the Koreans building houses in Ghana, the Chinese have built a memorial to honor a great icon of Black existence - Martin Luther King, Jr.


The monument stands at the historic memorial mall in Washington, D.C. 


There is much to be said about this statue as a piece of art work in that it ought to represent the spirit, the ideal and aspiration of its people.  And indeed, this one, executed by a Chinese sculptor has taken the glory to the mother land of China!


I know Dr. King as an African-American.  Is there no great sculptor, born in the tradition of the African artist who could have brought the glory to the black man?


I also know this for sure, the Chinese will never allow any other national to build a statue for a MAO!



On the perennial Accra floods
October 31, 2011

I happened to work with Sarasoto County, FL for a while and was furtunate to pick up a few ideas here and there. However I'm currently in Ghana.

If anyone has lived in Fl for sometime you will notice they are quite serious with stormwater management (as with many other states in the US). Anyway, the modelling I mentioned is much more industry practice than research and there are several softwares on the market that one can use to model the effects of stormwater at various levels of drainage infrastructure.

Being in the US I'm sure you're familiar with the work of the EPA's and the several agencies such as South West Florida Water Management Department that are concerned with managing stormwater (rain run-off). They all depend on the use of established stormwater models for sections of their jurisdiction (or whole counties if possible, but normally on a watershed or catchment basin basis) that have been developed and updated regularly. They use them to approve residential development/real estate construction, road construction, sidewalks, drainage, etc. All these activities contribute important effects of rainfall or stormwater runoff. Most people living outside probably know this already.

The floods are unfortunate. But we didn't flood simply because we had a heavy rainfall, even though it is a contributing factor. We've been flooding almost every year for the past 20-30 years, be it heavy or light rainfall.

We flooded because we simply don't have the tools and don't know how to manage stormwater. Even our construction practices, and our attitude to solid waste management is a major contributing factor to flooding, and also on the preservation of our water resources. If we don't begin to seriously regulate construction activities, we would inevitable face water shortages in some years to come. We've spent millions of dollars dredging Korle lagoon. Yet we dump silt and trash in our drains by the tons on a daily basis through poor construction practices and dumping of rubbish and, sorry guys, toilet, in our drains. They all end up in "Korle" and we'll go burrow another $3bn from China to dredge it again.

As I explained to Jacob, we must model stormwater, develop mitigation scenarios, and develop the one we choose based on cost and other factors. Just building drains (increasing conveyance) does not solve the problem because you have simply transferred the water from point A to B. It wont cause havoc at point A (i.e upstream) but can surely wreck havoc at B (downstream)!. In stormwater management jargon we call it "moving the puddle"! That is why a simple drainage design of one culvert, or a stretch of U-drains alone a road does not solve area wide flooding issues, because it's unable to capture the interrelated effects of the several drains, culverts, ponds, etc, within the catchment area. A model does that. There are several other factors that goes into a typical model, not to mention data collection for input into the software, but we can further discuss that in detail separately.

Franklin Twumasi


On the matter of what to do with Kufuor's "food prize" award (Ghanaweb, June 25, 2011)


June 25, 2011


 This writer asks "Will Kufuor's $250,000 Hunger Award Benefit Nation?"


He immediately provides an answer in his first paragraph, "Former President John Agyekum Diawuo Kofi Kufuor has dedicated his World Food Prize Foundation Award to the Republic of Ghana, and it is certainly the right thing to do by any responsible leader."


Then in mid page, after he has praised the generosity of Rawlings for also using a $50,000 award to establish a university, he claims that "The question that is on the lips of many Ghanaians is: What is Mr. Kufuor going to do with his prize money of $250,000?" 


Surprising, one would have thought he had already provided the answer! But don't underrate the logic of a mind set to destroy another's reputation.  Now, he claims in the his last paragraph:

 "Ayekoo to former President John Agyekum Kofi Diawuo Kufuor for his Award and the prize money of $250,000; what he does with the money will determine whether he will enter the HALL OF FAME, or HALL OF SHAME!!!


Naturally, the piece was not signed.  So please Mr. Editor, forgive me if I don't sign mine either.

June 25,2011


On China's gold rush in Ghana

According to minelinks Ghana's Obuasi mine alone has produced more than 25 million ounces of GOLD, (Sika Koookooo) since its inception in the 1890's, how much of this resource has benefited local people or the nation of Ghana ?
Our relationship with foreigners, who most of the time have their HEADS SCREWED ON , has not changed in  400 years. They stimulate our passions by the introduction of useless wants and fancies  and we take our eyes OFF THE BALL, whilst they cart away our resources leaving us  poor and desperate.
Another SAD example of leadership failure in Ghana ?
 I wish to share with you about how our taxes are supporting our leaders in dignified idleness whilst foreigners rape and pillage our resources for free and we suffer for lack of the basic necessities of life.
Just look at how Peasant Chinese Gold Miners have invaded our rural areas in Ghana  with impunity, and hauling out huge amounts of resources free of charge back to their country whilst our people loose their farmlands and left with poisoned environment and lost lands.
This is been happening for years Whilst our leaders wallop in the FONDNESS FOR SHOW AND PARADE, AND POMPOSITY, the Chinese have arrived. I must admit it is not only them, the others are even worse. At least the Chinese give us something back.
Tell me after watching this clip  "WHERE IS THE LEADERSHIP" in Ghana.? Who is responsible, for running the country and policing and protecting the environment ?
Who is responsible for making sure Foreigners who come into the country obey our laws ?
Who is responsible for making sure that the correct taxes are paid and the nation gets its fair share of the resources for national development ? 
Who is responsible for making sure the local government in these areas are on top of things ?
What is Government for ?
Who is responsible for unearthing unethical things in our country ? The journalists are not even interested, they will rather chase after "sensation" and insults in radio and television stations
The simple fact is No one is.
Investigative journalism is alive and well but sadly it is not in the studios of GBC or TV3.
Watch this Video clip from France 24 about the rape of Ghana's resources and when you go to church tomorrow please pray for our dear country.
Where is the Leadership, I hear you say, they cant even safeguard the little resources we have!
Video Clip
Stephen Nyako

On fraud watch

We want the world to know that whoever is behind the following monetary investment offer is a fraud.  He keeps pestering Ghanadot publication with this offer under probable false name and email address:


i need your assistant, My name is Mr Bernard Ofori,

I wish to make a transfer involve $3.7m into your account. For subsequent investment of it in lucrative ventures in your country.

Please, if you are willing to assist kindly reply by stating your assurance and total commitment to handle this transaction,

Then I shall furnish you with the procedure to follow-up the transaction. As soon as you read, I will be expecting your timely response.

While replying please kindly include your telephone and Fax number for easy communication.

Best Regards, 

Mr. Bernard Ofori



On Rawling's "Kufour Is A Threat To Ghana's Democracy"

Who listens to this crook anymore?  Do us a favor, ignore him.   Or how does he explain his current wealth?  Again do us a favor.  Ignore the ignoramus.  He will not be happy until he has wrecked the whole nation.

Nana Andoh, Kumasi, June 5, 2011


A perfect way to buy two aircrafts


So the Ghana Armed Forces Band could not fly home from Ivory Coast after performance, because of inclement weather, and  President tta Mills decides to purchase two aircrafts from Brazil.


Indeed, what a perfect way to plan an economy.


Israel Agbozo, Accra

May 31, 2011


The BARRACUDAS in the Financial world


I know it is Africa Liberation Day today and my intention is not to "muddy the Waters" but to point out why we need to learn and understand how its done so we can protect ourselves from the BARRACUDAS in the Financial world.

You know our leaders in government in Ghana are clueless about financial matters and the consequences of ENDLESS Borrowing.

Do they even understand that their leaving huge amounts of unsustainable debts to their children, grand children and great grand children ?

I came across this interesting financial story and wish to share.

I was shocked in reading this report of billions of dollars of Libyan Government money disappearing to benefit Western Banks.

Gaddafi's government made a fatal mistake in investing in unsustainable investments including Western controlled Hedge Funds which returned Zilch. In certain circumstances they lost all the money. Ghooosh ! More money than sense.

My question is if the avowed Pan Africanists, Colonel Gaddafi, with money to burn, can be fooled into given these huge funds to western banks without any returns then what chance have we got?

Our leaders need to understand Finance and Financial instruments if they are not to fall into the traps.

Just check how Libya lost billions to Western Banks.

Folks we have to learn the tricks of the trade or shouting from the roof tops is not going to yield anything tangible.

"Knowledge is Everything"

Stephen Nyako, UK, May 27, 2011


On Libya's blown investments


Indeed, this humanitarian concern for war on Libya has many shades of false altruism coming from the West.


About $1.9 billion worth of invest loss for Libya in derivatives managed by Western banks and there is no concern about its impact on the people of Libya.  Instead, NATO and Obama are waging war on Gadaffi for concerns about the same people in the name of human rights!


To top off this same crude reasoning, NATO is hoping to recoup the cost of the war on the same Libyan people.

Tekpenor, Accra, May 27, 2011


On health equipment shortage


Arthur K,

This is a brilliant non-partisan contribution that we all need to support you on to push government to implement some needed accountability of the NHIL funds, and to push for these changes. My respects to you on this effort.

Folks, our people are dying needlessly before their time de to pure neglect, whiles government officials travel outside for medical care. It is incumbent on a President who is an avowed Christian to take at least this sector very seriously.

A serious assessment of the needs and necessary funding and accountability of the collected NHIL funds must be done and I think this is one area.

I sincerely think we should engage in massive phone calls to the office of the President , and of the Minister of health, and push them to effect needed changes.

I have wept many times in my heart due to the inaction on the part of President Mills,, but then I don’t want to say that since President Kufuor did not do much to my satisfaction either on the issue. People are simply dying in Ghana that I talked to people about who could not afford these tests and hence were allowed to die!! This is terrible and I strongly suggest to my friends who are very vocal about the bad things other nations are doing to consider o[ur nation for a change! Let us put effort into active participation in areas that are within our responsibility to push our leaders as Ghanaians and nobody external will take away from us!! Please!

Let us try and focus on our nation!!

Let us take responsibility for our democracy!

Let us pick up phones and if we get 50 calls per week to the Office of the President on one issue – health care as spelled out in the article below, demanding accountability of the NHIL funds openly and on Government websites, and demanding immediate changes, then democracy will be finally working for us!!

Thank you.

Dr. Kwaku A. Danso (At Livermore, California, USA)
President - Ghana Leadership Union (NGO), Moderator-GLU Forum & Publisher - Global Express Communications
East Legon-Accra, Ghana & Livermore, California, USA


On President Mills and the Ivory Coast

For the Daily Graphic to write "President Vindicated" (Editorial, May 23, 2011) is an indication of how troubled our journalism is.

The central issue was whether Gbagbo was going to cede power to Ouatarra, the lawful winner of the presidential election in the Ivory Coast, which he didn't and the result was the use of brutal force which caught him hiding in the basement of the presidential palace.

But that didn't happen after a long wait which brought about untold hardship and untimely deaths to many Ivorians while Mills stood by intoning his famous dictum, "Dzi wofie asem."

Now, how was he vindicated.  Ecowas was threning to use force which didn't happen because Mills was reluctant.  Nevertheless, it was force that eventually removed Gbagbo from power.  How does this vindicate Mills?

Frank Akoto, Koforidua

On China's foreign aid policy


China's foreign aid policy in Africa is like a mystery wrapped in an enigma. They have now come out with a real policy, which one would describe as the motivation behind the billions of dollars they are pouring into and lending to African Countries including our beloved Ghana.

These Chinese Leaders do not even believe in the Gods we believe in yet we take so much monies from them to develop our countries and our leaders think its all right to put out the begging cup without consequences so can we trust them ? Most of the times they even sell us second and third hand goods but we are happy to indulge because ? Because we are such a beggar nation despite our resources ?


Doesn't this recent policy statement from the Chinese Government on Chinese aid to Africa tell us whether we are eventually going to be servants to China? A new Recolonisation ?

We keep praying and begging, whilst others with their heads screwed on keep taking over our country and its economy"

Do you know that Chinese Companies are even building "Gutters " and school buildings in our Districts ?


Stephen Nyarko

April 29, 2011

It is sickening

This concentration of humanitarian concerns on Gaddafi and Libya is sickening.  Meanwhile, worse atrocities are going on elsewhere.  Why Obama and NATO can't impose no fly zone on Syria or is that country  too close to Russia?

A real humanitarian

April 26, 2011

The nerve of the Rawlings


In the midst of what is happening in the rest of the world, Egypt, Tunisia, Syria with regard to governance and dynasties, here comes Mr and Mrs Rawlings wanting to rule us again.


Nineteen years of wasted rule under this same two and they have the arrogance to think that Ghanaian must allow them to rule again.  There is something definitely wrong with this pair of man and wife.


Tetteh Tsuru

Accra, Ghana

April 16, 2011


Tema Harbor and the transparency promised


Following The president address on corruptions at the Tema harbor, my question is, why I am still having problems getting the documents needed from the FDA to clear medical relief goods that I shipped to Ghana, now sitting at the terminal for over 30 days and now facing late charges?


Where is the transparency The President promised?
Let us help build a better future for a beloved Country Ghana.

A concerned Citizen,
*F. Agyenim Boateng*
*Houston, TX USA*

P.S. I am fowarding the email I received from my shipping agent to you to substantiate what I am talking about.


Gbagbo Must Go

Ben Seeka


It is unfortunately that Gbagbo, a historian cannot remember how he came to power in 2000. Gen. Guie was forced out after he tried to steal his ( Gbagbo's) victory during the presidential elections.


Because all Ivorian saw that Gen. Guie was clearly robbing Gbagbo of his victory they all put their lives on the line and popularly rose up to overthrow the General with no regard to party affiliation. I wonder why Ivorian cannot do the same this time around, and oust Gbagbo?.


Gbagbo, remember you are a professor you can go back to the class room. Presidential office is an opportunity to serve your country but not a profession, so when the mandate is over one needs to retire honorably. The Ivoirians have spoken, and the elections are certified, it is time for you to go. Forget self pride, and the people around, do the honorable thing and leave peacefully for the sake of the Ivorian people you claim to love. True patriots will sacarify their pride and dignity for the sake peace in their country. As a history professor, I believe you can remember the story of Samuel Doe of Liberia. Do not overlook the rebels,  Your army cannot defeat them and before you look they will be at your door ready to kill you and your family. Your stubbornness is closing all doors on you.. think twice before you end up like Charles Taylor of Liberia


Ben Seeka




February 26, 2011


Should Christian President Atta Mills not give Muammar Quathafi asylum in Ghana to save lives of Libyans as the people declare there is no going back?  Consider some of these extracts from Aljazeera running non-stop commentary on Libya in this historic conflict between the good people of Libya and one of the most dangerous persons that occupied political power anywhere in the world! But I ask President Atta Mills and Founder of NDC, Rawlings this one question - Why have we allowed Ghanaian mercenaries to kill Libyans in their own country?


The Long time ruler makes defiant address he will not be standing down, and his son acting as prime minster says they will die in Libya with everybody else. For the past 40 years he had imposed on his people a stupid heretic Aljamariya ideology based on his Green Book, and recognised by academically challenged bonkers like J. J.  Rawlings, as a panacea for all the ills of Africa and Ghana. He has appointed Communes and devolved local assemblies and placed them in the hands of sycophants. The people of Libya will surely see off this hated tyrant by the Mercy of Allah, and the remnants of mercenaries from Ghana, Chad, Somalia, North Sudan and Zimbabwe will not even return home with their booty, Inshallah!


Sanctions have now been imposed against Libya by Obama against Gaddafi and his 4 children – Saif the plagiariser is the leading protagonist in this war against his own fellow Libyans but like the pompous children of Saddam Hussein he will vanish soon.


Gaddafi's regime is on its last leg – it is falling like pack of cards – these dynastic republics of Arabian Peninsular. The Libyan state built around Quathafi will never survive this real revolution. The people will never go back for what they have spit out. And they have spit out poison! The Libyan people in Benghazi has proved the value of unity of the people against a common enemy. They are joined by Berber/Maghrib Libyans from Al Zawiya, Al Jafra, Al Butnan, Darnah, Jabah Al Akdar, Murzug.


The foreigners used by Quathafi against his people have ran away from the towns to Tripoli. Gaddafi himself is holed up in Bad al Aziza and shouting like a schizophrenic "osur, osur - dance dance' as he runs away to his tent!


Libyans are well cultured educated civilised people who have quietly bidded their time and now ready to lay down their lives. 2500 are maytyred by the dictator, but a United Libya will emerge from this uprising when the leviathan murderer is gone. This is the time you feel ashamed for being a Ghanaian, knowing the depth to which our military zombie politicians hob nob with a vain despot like this illiterate soldier.


Listen. In 1986, I attended a PNDC Congress hosted in Ghana by Gaddafi and his ideologues. 'Hosted' means Ghaddafi paid for all the bonuses, food, lavish hotels, paraphenalia and travel of these so-called intellectuals from USA, East Germany, Zimbabwe, Cuba, Yemen and Ghana. The delegates from Ghana were June 4th leaders and cadres such as Akrasi Sarpong, Nana Addo Aikins, Twertwie Poku, Obre, Abeeku Aggrey, Amissah, Dobo Dadson, Leo Yankson, K. B. Anning, Fui Tsikata etc. I looked on as they recycled the same old tedious ramshackle ideology of antiquated Islamic socialism called al jamirriya, amidst sing songs such as "Revo, revo o revolution has a long way to go but has come to stay. cadres will go, cadres will come but our revolution will do something and the rest is forgotten". Jesus Christ. Intellectuals who sold themselves to greedy tin pot dictators.


I was lucky to be there invited by a Regional June 4th leader, and trust me to go being a keen historian to see things for myself. that is why today I am bold to cry out loud against Gaddafi's genocide supported by evil JJR. The investments of Gaddafi in Ghana is enormous as could be seen on GLAHCO website. Gaddafi and his children will not have a shortage of where to lay their coneheads. So all must urge Atta mills to ofer him passage from Libya! Gad says he will die in Tripoli but I do not believe him. He cannot die with his four children and leave £150 Billion Booty in the hands of greedy friends such as JJ Rawlings and his sikadicious wife. Should Atta Mills keep silent when his fellow human beings are killed for saying they do not want their leader? Gunmen opened fire on protestors after Friday prayers but the people still keep coming like angels. These Arab matyrs are fearless and if you push them to the wall as quathafi has done they will say “ All Die be Die” They hold banners aloft saying “Our objective is civil society. No more Autocracy, No more cronyism, No despotism nepotism." they want what Ghanaian Youth take for granted. The battle for Tripoli is most intense as it remains the only province under his control! Tripoli on Friday night was full of gunfire as they experienced another sleepless night, with Ghanaian and Chadian mercenaries running amok going to hospitals to kill wounded opponents. Is Atta Mills a true Christian or a charlatan as Jesus saYS - pontificating on the word of God in Public but so evil inside like a Pharisee? Gaddafi is fighting a losing battle and Christian Mills who used his Oil tanker to cart away Ghana's First Oil Consignment must say something in public now or be forever damned as an evil, inhumane and empty moralist. does Atta Mills preach virtue and practice vice? ebei Atta mills! What a major disappointment for decent minded Ghanaians. This President is a cousin of Former UN Sec General Kofi Annan and Democrat par Excellence Kwesi Brew, but has no moral conscience. He comes from the same area as George Ekem Ferguson, Emmanuuel Kwegyir Aggrey, Kuntu Blankson and a Fante like John Mensah Sarbah, Alex Quayson Sackey and Casely Hayford. He is a lawyer like Hayfron Benjamin, Abban, Ollenu and Arku Korsah. And he was a Legon lecturer like Busia, Adu Boahen and PAV Ansah. How can he sacrifice all his principles and heritage for political trappings that never remain forever? Does he gain the world and lose his soul? has he being elected as Ghana's leader or he is solely for the interest of his Party? Inshallah. Libyans will prevail like ivoriians and we shall lead them in fierce battle against his corrupt government! I have no means to fight for Libya against our common enemy but will write and write and campaign aganst all the supporters of Gaddafi like Atta Mills, Rawlings, Kojo Tsikata, Tsatsu Tsikata and all these shameful NDC politicians, who sit by as their fellow human beings are massacred in the hot sands of Arabia by their megalomaniac beastly dogs of war! The Generals have called the army to desert the leader and enrol in the people's army to protect the lives of Libyans. The Army Commanders are on the side of the people. They have taking one town after the other. Gaddafis men in UN, and Geneva, Protocol officers, and Relatives have jumped ship unwilling to kill more Libyans.






Presidents don't have wants.. they have plans

Posted By: Kobena Agyeman ,   2/18/2011 11:12:46 PM

Location: London


And here we go again.. what the President wants to do, what the VP wants to do, what the Ministers want to do.....

You are the leadership of Ghana. With the power, control and access to all of Ghana. If all you have is 'want', then we are in trouble. Average citizens like myself have wants. What we expect from you and your Ministry, Mr. President, is a plan to make us No.1.

So rather than say that you want us to be No.1, let us know the PLAN which you have in place to make us No.1.

Ghana has been 'wanting' for too long. No more talk of wants. We want talk of action. Real action, not the demo type, but business style action.

And that, my friends, is something you must demand from all your politicians. Real action, not dreams, not aims, but their PLANS and how they will be IMPLEMENTED.

Related article: The President State of the Nation Address



Tetteh Kwao on

Matters arising, Article 71 and the Chinery-Hesse Commission’s Report


"Matters Arising" is indeed interesting but it is too plain where your bias is. You know that those opposed to the Chinery-Hesse recommendations are NOT the beneficiaries, both NPP and NDC parliamentarians. The most incensed about the report are people like me who see nothing meritorious about those recommendations.

Are those rogue politicians the only people who deserve "emolument and retirement packages that should induce fealty, better performance of duty, acceptance and preservation of dignity within those individuals while in and out of office?" And how long have been their services? Four or eight years!
Compare these with the 30 -32 years service of the senior Civil Servant who today gets GH¢450.00 (four hundred and fifty Ghana Cedis) as his pension because his salary while in office was awfully low! What can one do with GH¢450.00 per month in Ghana today?

The politician who served as President did not need a "Country Home" whilst in office when he was having 300 foreign guests a year. But on retirement, such a facility should be provided for him and his visitors to live in dignity. More so, a house should be built for him in Accra, in addition to any mansions he might have acquired while in office (which is usually the case; hence, their unwillingness to declare their assets upon leaving office.) And, as if to make matters worse, those houses are to remain as family properties after his death. When Mary talks of "best practices", where on earth are such fantastic benefits given to "retired Presidents" and where are parliamentarians given as much as US$80,000.00 (US eighty thousand dollars) as "gratuity" (End-of-Service Benefit) after serving in Parliament or Congress for 4 (four) years? May be only in Ghana or some other 3rd or 5th World Country.

I haven't seen or read the "famous" report and God knows I have been trying hard to secure a copy to study it myself without any luck. I am not sure whether you have set eyes on a copy before writing this piece which seems to accept the MC-H Committee's assumptions and conclusions as worthy. As I said, I have not seen or read the report. However, considering its recommendations which have been made public so far, I regard the underlying assumptions as being faulty and the conclusions as absurd.

Indeed, both the NPP and NDC politicians should be ashamed of themselves to go for what they now call "Best Practices" when they are grabbing the nation's resources to and for themselves and their families. Nonetheless, they turn round to treat hard-working and conscientious public servants very shabbily on grounds that the nation is too poor to pay them equitable salaries and offer them better conditions of service. In other words, the public servants do not deserve "emoluments and retirement packages that should induce fealty, better performance of duty, acceptance and preservation of dignity within those individuals while in and out of office!"

Please on subjects like these, try to be a bit impartial and advance balanced arguments to facilitate better understanding of the issues.


By Tetteh Kwao


Interesting article on Chinese buses ....

I would suggest to you, that Chinese buses generally meet reasonable standards, that gives them credible safety and reliability.
In the case of your buses, it appears that the operator has no maintenance programme.
They appear to have not been checked and serviced on regular basis, leading to the rash of breakdowns.
Dont blame the bus, but definitely look at the operators processes, and get these processes changed as soon as possible.
Get the service and maintenance manuals re written into english, although this is not the total answer, as good mechanics should have instituted a regular service programme anyway.
The engine and transmission manufacturers would allready have their own english version manuals available to the purchaser ... contact them and get copies immediately.
Hire someone to correctly manage the fleet maintenance, and let that person hire an engineer/s from China to supervise procedure.
Surely this situation should never have eventuated, and blame can be shared over a number of people who arranged the purchase of these buses, but never even thought about how they were to be maintained.
Did Ghana ever send a bus engineer to China to pre check the buses.... probably not.

Fault now seems to be with management in Ghana, and this is the area that needs to accept the quickest change, followed by my above suggestions.

If this is not enough for you, then hire an agent in China, to arrange the correct service and maintenance programme for you, and include sending at least 2 or 3 of your own mechanics to the manufacturers factory, for a week to learn as much as possible.

Dont blame the buses, ... blame the operator.

I am making these suggestions to you, based on my own seven years of manufacturing and trading history in China, and my knowledge of some other automotive companies, and their high quality standards.
I hope it helps ... all is not lost ... just get organised, and get on with it.

Regards Robert

IMC Group Ltd
International Machinery Co Ltd ( Auckland ) New Zealand
Autoline International Ltd
TEL 0064 9 2948727 ... Mb 0064 27 6609409 ... ... ... .
Autoline International Ltd ( Ningbo free trading zone ) China



To Publisher: As Ghana enters the new phase of her political development

I am appealing to you all your contributing editors,, writers, all over the world and all Ghanaians to come together as one people united by our common destiny to reconstruct and develop one nation for one people, indivisible, whose destiny is to lead Africa to a union that will bring about wealth and prosperity for all Africans.

It saddens me to always see Ghanaians residing in other peoples countries, enjoying the sweat and the hard work of citizens of those Countries that are today experiencing advanced life-style due to their hard work while we as Africans love to stay there and wash our dirty linen in foreign public. With the Maturity of the Ghanaian Electorate, a powerful message have been send to all politicians that if we give you mandate to rule us and you fail to respect us and honor your promises, made to us during your campaign, we will send you packing-- to go on your way--one direction to political oblivion--We are not to be taken for granted with political platitudes and campaign bribery of few Ghana Cedis' with the intention of buying our votes.


No Ghanaian Politician is exempt. No Party can control the electorate, We want development whether you are Rawlings, Kuffour, Akuffo Addo or Atta Mills, if you fails to fulfill the developmental needs of our people, we will vote you out. So let all the Journalists be aware of the new Ghanaian mentality It is not based on Party affiliation or ethnic loyalties, We only wants those who will deliver. if ATTA MILLS FAILS US COME 2012, WE WILL VOTE HIM AND HIS PARTY OUT, AND ANY PARTY WHO CAN DELIVER THE GOODS, GHANAIANS WILL VOTE FOR THAT PARTY.

Be it known to all and sundry that this is the new ideology in Ghana, We do not want dictators nor Property grabbing Democrats, we want Selfless, Dedicated, Devoted New Ghanaian Politician, who puts the Nation first, before Family, Who is committed to all Ghanaians and is willing to sacrifice all personal ambition and self-aggrandizement for the benefit of all Ghanaians. This is the message we want to hear from the Journalists, We want them to be the voice of the people, not to impose their opinions through the media on Ghanaians.


 We are looking for Dedicated Young Statesmen committed to Mother Ghana and we will finance them, groom them to lead Ghana and Africa to meet the challenges of the 21st Century.  We do not want Politicians who think the Road to Prosperity is through the ballot box. We do not also want those who for the love of money, wants political power to protect their drug money, be they members of NDC or NPP or any other Party for that matter. Ghana is Sacred and those who wants to serve mother Ghana from now on must examine their head well before taking the decision to enter into Ghana's Political Arena. We the Traditional Rulers will not be sitting on the fences to watch the destruction of our people.

With the help of the Most High God KING of Kings and LORD of Lords we will help Africa to overcome its spiritual, socio-economic and moral decadence that have thwarted our development for Centuries--The Richest Piece of Real Estate in the World with the Poorest Owners. Impossible.

So go forth and preach the word. and this is the preaching I am expecting from my good old friend Kofi Akosa Sarpong. Kofi use the mighty pen constructively for mother Africa.

Nana Baffour Gyanko Fofie I


Why I am a Christian

The churches attack secular liberalism as a threat to their power, but actually it's the ally of true Christian culture


Theo Hobson, Guardian, UK, March 24, 2008


So my attraction to Christianity is two-fold. It comes from the sense that without faith there is despair, that the highest form of psychology is faith-based. And it is rooted in the quasi-socialist ideal of the Kingdom of God. Christianity is the true idiom of social hope - and also of psychological realism. It teaches us to hope for a new world, a healed world, and it teaches us to suspect ourselves. We are subject to endless demonic temptation, but we know that Satan is defeated by Christ. This is what we celebrate at Easter, of course: Christ's cosmic victory over evil and death. Some will dismiss this as mere myth, with no basis in reality. I call it the true myth, in which one can choose to root one's life.......


Theo Hobson was born in West London. He studied English literature at York, then theology at Cambridge. He did his PhD thesis on Protestant theology and rhetoric; which became his first book - The Rhetorical Word: Protestant Theology and the Rhetoric of Authority (Ashgate 2002).


Send your response to:

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Genuinely Ghanaian: A History of the Methodist Church

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Shame to the chairman of EOCO
Debate, Feb 7, Ghanadot - The Chairman of EOCO, like the Auditor General, is the most recent civil servant to bring shame to his name and office....A casual reading of the EOCO report reveals too many missed clues and an investigating agency trying too hard to whitewash politicians while properly hanging their bureaucratic coconspirators.


Is There an Italian Woyome?
Debate, Feb 7, Ghanadot - There is little doubt that Woyome represents the most audacious, brazen, blatant and gargantuan fraud perpetrated against the people of this Republic by its public officers..
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Genuinely Ghanaian: A History of the Methodist Church

Review, Feb 7, Ghanadot - Genuinely Ghanaian is a work in mission history that discusses the ministry of the Methodist Church in post-colonial Ghana.  Perhaps the most significant ambition that Genuinely Ghanaian fulfills is that it makes the Methodist Church Ghana the only historic mission denomination in the country with a complete.. More

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