Monday May 16, 2022
Truck Stuck in Traffic
Stuck Truck

The Ordeal to Kumasi and Back

Commentary, I have just returned to Accra on a trip to Kumasi and am bitterly disappointed by the experience. 


To suggest that traveling between these two major cities demands the first-class roadway to save time and ease traveling hazards and pains should be a no-brainer.




Lest we forget - The world mourns Chief Kofi Annan Reprint - Commentary for Kufuor, A New Face

The trail of scholarship,
 Dr. Alfred C. Bannerman

Video - Adowa Dance at a Royal Funeral

What’s in a name, Jubilee or Flagstaff House?

Reprint, April 01, Ghanadot - It is very inviting to leave the answer to the philosophers. But with our special political circumstances these days, it will be better not to wait.



What’s happening at United Airways?

Commentary, April 13, Ghanadot - In case you will be traveling with United Airlines to and from Accra these days, be aware of a creeping bad practice of this airline, an old one some of us were familiar with during the defunct Ghana Airways days.





The ordeal to Kumasi and Back

Commentary, May 14, Ghanadot - I have just returned to Accra on a trip to Kumasi and am bitterly disappointed by the experience. 





Fifty years after his death and still remembering Nkrumah

Commentary, April 22, Ghanadot - You may be asked now whether Nkrumah was a good ruler.  But just remember to put the question in context and to point Houphouet-Boigny to the Western powers  by asking the same about this famous, rich son of the Ivory Coast and a dear friend of the French. Then the double standard and the lies would start again.



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