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Explosion at Atomic Junction
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Thursday, October 12, 2017
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The gas explosion at Atomic Junction and the senselessness of it all


Commentary, Oct 11, Ghanadot - The senselessness becomes more vivid when you count yourself as one of the lucky ones who escaped from being an innocent victim. 

By sheer luck or providence, we were about 15 minutes late in our travel plan on a return journey from Krobo Odumase to Accra.


Fifteen minutes early and we would have been caught in the thick of the conflagration.  But not entirely free from the confusion that erupted on this day.......




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Commentary - Prof Lungu's 19-Point Advisory for Serious Akufo Addo! - Prof. Lungu

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Ghana's goal of plentiful power faces high costs and unreliable supply

FinancialTimes, Sept 22, Ghanadot - Walk through the bustling Osu district of Accra at night and Ghana does not appear to lack electricity...  .More



Teddy Kpakpo Addo, the man who sang his own obituary
Personality, Sept 09, Ghanadot - In 2004, Teddy Kpakpo Addo recorded his high-life album Kaya. In that album was the song “Awusa,” which he loved. That song said so much about the man when he was alive. And now it should serve as his own eulogy.. ...

The Russian Collusion Story

Commentary, August 08, Ghanadot - The investigators, like many in Congress, will be pleased to find any reason to drop the ax on Trump.



The Nkrumaists are gathering at South Carolina

Announcement, Aug 14, Ghanadot -  The purpose: To seek and to select pragmatic considerations, based on the vision of Kwame Nkrumah, for development programs in African countries...More




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